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Rock Saws Available For


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Below are some examples of Saw/Tractor combinations

Rubber Tire Applications







   9" saw for the S-600 TX                                            12"-18" saws for RT-450           


24" saw with slider on RTX-450








12"-24" saws for V-4150                                                 28" saw on V-5750    

30" saw for RT-700/850







     30" saw on RT-650                                 30"-42" saws for the RT-1250


Track Machines

            30"-60" dig depth saws available for        

Vermeer track machines

T-455 thru T-755



Also Available

30" to 40" Saws  to fit on V-8550

Auto Creep Control Units  for V-5750

Rigid & Hydraulic Offset Brackets to RT-450, RT-650, RT-700, RTX-750, RT-850, V-3550, V-5750, V-8550, RTX-1250 & V-120

Hydraulic Crumbers For Most Hydrawheel Rock Saws

Asphalt Milling Drums